GUNDAM STYLE~ (Update 1: M/V Making 2: CNN)

It’s rare I ever note songs outside of JPN or NA songs on the radar that actually has some context worth discussing on the net. However, this song is well worth dissecting and realizing about S. Korean culture besides the constant bombardment of “Starcraft II 4 lyfe”.

Someone called for Bond PSY?

Music video of interest:

The song title obviously has nothing to do with my original header title. XD And also not the reason why I wanted to discuss the song (because it says Gundam). The intention of discussion is what the title: Gangnam, which is a city in Seoul depicting of an upper middle class society. Relevance?? Why is this guy blowing fluff into his face stapping two girls beside him? BECAUSE HE CAN!

Someone didn’t tell the girl on the left this was going to happen… or the fact some of the fluff will go into their mouths~

What does it mean to be upper middle class? A few things… 1 is the fashion… as you can see, everyone has a sense of acknowledging by us non-Korean populations that they have class. Guys wearing suits, girls wearing revealing loose clothing. These are indicators as sexual appeal and the liveliness they’re experiencing. 2 is the surrounding they are living in. The open environment spaces with (hopefully not photoshopped exteriors) technology us Americans are foreign to seeing. Renovated garages that look high tech? Screw that! Americans can live in under density old concrete looking parking lots that look like they’ve been used since the 1930′s…

DANCE OFF IN PARKING LOTS?? WHY NOT! Way better than in bowling alleys~

Even hipster DAD is here (and feeling high too but that’s not the point):

Of course, being a male singer with girls surrounding you, you can’t live but feel that the lyrics “Sexy Lady” intrigue your senses in between the brain to do something like this:

The realization of this song being actually tailored to the society makes slight sense. It’s not provocative like American rap where everyone talks explicitly about s3x or girls in lewd behaviour, wanting to spend the night at your hotel. This song is about the culture of men and women who live in that high end society. It’s excitingly something that’s been missing in music. You hear groups like Wonder Girls, 4 Minutes, Girl’s Generation, and you get all this want of just wanting one of them as girlfriends. But you only get the feeling of them as a group, nothing more. With PSY, you feel more connected with the culture and surrounding like orchestral music is to dreams. It sounds dirty, but at least it labels for you what to expect with this class and that’s why this song has its impact:

And with style comes the ‘STANCE’

The horse riding posture and cowboy rallying are the two that mimic what PSY believes. But a conflict of interest is that the Koreans you see elsewhere don’t always portray his gesture. Not that often seen smoking SCII males and stylish girls can tell… it’s the background together that expresses their true inherit society they used to belong in. I’m sure if HK does something similar, it’ll have an almost same effect… but first, they have to STOP copying other successful people’s works and actually make their own… @MCJin.

Yes… Korean on a boat rapping~

As a graduate from Berklee’s College of music, the American style composition has heavily influenced how he expresses the culture of Gangnam status. The music’s various beats almost match a new rhythm as ‘Call me Maybe’ that has attracted many int’l boards to score this song as top int’l track. Even if you don’t understand the song, you’ll want to hear it as it keeps creeping you with them sexy ladies… causing drools.

Quick and dirty parodies within the first few days of the release:


AVATAR STYLE (full length song + SEXY ASAMI w/ lipstick):

Making of Gangnam Style


CNN news “I can’t wait to try that (horse riding style) in the THE LIVING ROOM”… because clearly it’s not what she meant XD

2 thoughts on “GUNDAM STYLE~ (Update 1: M/V Making 2: CNN)

    • His acting skill is pretty tops though, I have to say. He knows his script but needs that new burst of style to represent HK… and hopefully not about the shopping centres XD when trying to compare to Gangnam style.

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